Silken, reddish-gold ringlets cascade elegantly down to the middle of this young lady's back, combed back at the temples, to be secured with a simple jade barrette. Defiant, coppery tendrils curl whimsically upon her cheeks, their hue luminiscent against her ivory complexion. Her oval face, chiselled features and sensuous lips bespeak a certain aristocracy. A quiet dignity and an unobtrusive strength of will is evidenced in the grace of her carriage, as well as the heat of her rich amber eyes, the hue of wine bathed in radiant firelight.
She has lush, coppery-golden ringlets and entrancing amber eyes.
She has the alluringly curvaceous, pampered body of a courtesan.
She has a delicate ruby butterfly on her right ass cheek.
She has a young ivory python coiled on her nape.
She is in perfect condition.
Wearing : delicate ivory under-dress.